BROKEhosting.com was launched in summer 2007. I wanted to provide cheap, functional webspace to fellow college students and people who didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on their website. BROKEhosting is hosted by BlueHost.com which provides inexpensive BULK webhosting (300GB space with unlimited domains). So, I pass my savings onto you by splitting up that space into reasonable hosting packages. Users have private FTP access and can change their email settings, but when it comes to setting up new email addresses or doing other admin-type tasks, I do it in my admin control panel. I'm online a lot, so just email me if you ever need anything done.

Because BROKEhosting is just one person--me--there is no 1-800-number tech support. However, BROKEhosting is a very small business and so far I've been able to handle the emails. If it really takes off and more support is needed, I will make the upgrades.

Now a little bit about me. My name is Liz and I've had a website since I was 10 years old. I like to say that I'm fluent in HTML. And, I know enough about CSS and where to find DHTML and JavaScript codes that I can keep my head above water. I've also had my own domain and hosted other sites for seven years now. So, if you have any questions relating to any of those things, I'll try my best to help you. I use PhotoShop 6.0 and notepad to create my websites (I told you, I'm a poor college student). Check out free webmaster services I like on the Free Stuff page.